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The Hidden Bias that Trips Up Leaders

Decision biases can negatively affect even the best church or business leader. Wikipedia lists almost 200 social, memory, or cognitive biases (I had to stop reading the list to keep from getting depressed). However, I’ve experienced one that I believe often trips leaders up. It’s called the confirmation bias. It’s a thinking bias that looks for information that supports our …

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10 Ways Pastors Stifle Church Change

Einstein was right. If we want our churches to make the greatest kingdom impact, we must help facilitate change or else we become “insane” leaders. However, we often don’t manage change wisely. I’ve listed 10 blunders pastors can make that stifle church change. Force the change no matter who resists. Marginalize those who resist change. Don’t …

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5 Non-negotiable Decisions every Leader MUST Make

The concept of ‘adaptive leadership’ is a new one I learned a few years ago. It’s been incredibly helpful in developing my leadership.  The Practice of Adaptive Leadership by Heifets-Linsky-Grashow unpacks the concept well. An article by Susan DeGenring on the subject lists 5 decisions great leaders must make. I’ve summarized them below. You can read the full article here. 5 …

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Why Smart Pastors Fail

Sometimes really smart pastors fail. I think I know some reasons why they do. Recently I read You’re in Charge–Now What by Thomas Neff and James Citrin. The book targets leaders moving into new positions. Whether or not you’re moving into a new ministry role, read this book. It’s a great read. The last chapter is worth the …

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