If Jesus Gave a Ted Talk

If Jesus Gave a TED Talk

Eight Neuroscience Principles the Master Teacher Used to Persuade His Audience

The ability to persuade, particularly in a public setting, is the single greatest skill you can develop to accomplish your dreams. Many people, however, lack the skills, insight, and confidence as a public speaker, including trainers, teachers, and even preachers. 

There are many ways to improve public speaking abilities, but in this compelling book, popular speaker Dr. Charles Stone offers a new approach—a way to move past your limitations and become a more confident speaker and stellar persuader. Stone blends the latest neuroscience research on communication and learning with how Jesus, the Master Teacher, persuaded his audiences. It’s a revolutionary new method capturing the attention of speakers who want to lift their skills to the next level. 

Jesus was the most persuasive communicator in history. This book shows you how to craft and deliver your messages using the same neuroscience principles he practiced. you’ll discover how to: 

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Pique interest
  • Create connection
  • Free up working memory
  • Stimulate long-term memory
  • Engage the heart
  • Cultivate confidence
  • Reinforce life application
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