Daughters Gone Wild – Dads Gone Crazy

daughters“What a story! Every parent who has been in battle with their teenager will benefit from this candid book. It’s honest. Grounded. And immensely hopeful.” —Les Parrot, Ph.D, author of Helping Your Struggling Teenager

“This book should be required reading for all fathers and daughters trying to find their way through the jungle of adolescent rebellion and parental dilemma.” —R. A. “Buddy” Scott, author of Relief for Hurting Parents

“A gripping, gritty account of losing a daughter — and getting her back. This is a book written from the trenches of parenting at its very hardest. Charles and Heather have penned far more than the true story of a prodigal coming home –this is a practical guide for dealing with a daughter gone wild. An excellent resource for fathers and daughters. And it wouldn’t hurt to read it before a storm hits.” —Dave Meurer, author of If You Childproof Your Home, They’ll Still Get In and Good Spousekeeping

Fifteen psychologists, twelve secondary schools, four expulsions, four rehabs, two house-arrests and innumerable arguments… the cast and plot line for a season’s worth of Law & Order? No. This was the real-life drama of my daughter’s adolescence. Heather, the once rebellious teen, sat down with me to pen an insider’s guide for parents and teens alike.

Heather and I don’t offer Cleaver family ideals or promise Brady Bunch thirty-minute solutions. Instead, we share the realities of our 6-year nightmare, in the hopes of fostering hope for the millions of families trying to survive the years from thirteen to eighteen. Replete with faith, honesty and practicality – this book offers you the reader nine practical lessons and provides a compass for even the worst tempests of teen rebellion.

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