My Top 10 Most Read Posts in 2014

Another year has passed and it’s been an exciting one for our family moving from the U.S. to pastor a church in Canada. Even through the transition this year I was able to write almost 100 blogs and saw over 55,000 unique viewers visit my site with almost 220,000 pageviews. Thanks so much for following and reading. I hope you’ve been encouraged in your life and in your Christian leadership. I’ve included below the top 10 most read posts from last year.

  1. Are you a Transactional Leader or a Transformational Leader: Take the Quiz
  2. Jesus’ 6-step Strategy to Resolving Conflict
  3. 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Morning
  4. 8 Benefits of Integrity in Life and Leadership
  5. 8 Ways Pastors can Refresh their Tired Souls
  6. 4 Obstacles Pastors Face in Setting Boundaries
  7. How to Make Boring Church Announcements Memorable
  8. 3 Probing Questions Every Leader should ask to make 2013 a Great Year
  9. 10 Biggest Issues Facing the Church Today
  10. The Narcissistic Pastor: 10 Signs you May be One 

What kinds of topics would you like to see me write about this year?

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