8 Benefits of Integrity in Life and Leadership

Integrity is taking a beating today.

  • 20 baseball players potentially being suspended for doping
  • Lance Armstrong being striped of all his awards for lying
  • The IRS apparently misusing its power
  • The Justice Department being accused of lying
  • Identity theft occurring to 1 out of 10 people

We live in a world where self-interest seems to trump character and integrity. And, pastors and ministry leaders aren’t immune to the temptation to spin, cut corners, or compromise.

Yet, the One whom we serve lived a life of integrity and He expects us to do the same in His power. Teacher, we know you have integrity… (Matt 22.16, The Message)

I’ve listed 8 benefits of integrity below.

8 Benefits of Integrity in Life and Leadership Dr. Charles Stone

  1. It protects us. (?May integrity and uprightness protect me because my hope is in you. Ps 25.21)
  2. It gives us confidence. (The man of integrity walks securely. Prov 10.9)
  3. It helps us make better decisions. (?The integrity of the upright guides them. Prov 11.3)
  4. It reflects well on the Lord. (I know, my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity. 1Chr. 29.17 )
  5. It sets you apart from others. (these four come from John Maxwell)
  6. It creates trust in others.
  7. It gives staying power.
  8. It extends influence.

What quality would you add to this list?

“I just learned 8 benefits integrity brings to your life and leadership.” (Tweet this quote by clicking here.)

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