Thursday Night

Well, it looks like the riots have died down enough for us to fly out tomorrow. Today all of the partner ministries couldn’t come because they were afraid that driving trucks ladened with food through the riot areas would be too risky.

However, one pastor showed up who had never received food before. On average Love a Child distributes 4000 meals each day to the kids in their schools and another 12,000 to other ministries. This pastor, called Pastor Walk by Faith, literally came on faith today in an old beat up Toyota (see pics).

When he was told he could get a month’s supply he literally jumped up and down with joy for his 300 orphans. 

After lunch we ventured out toward the riot areas to deliver food to meet a dire need. A woman named Madame Paul ran an orphanage for 66 kids in a very bad area about 45 minutes away. She called with pleas for food because she had not had any food for two days for the kids. We took off with 25 boxes and the team inside the caged truck.

We arrived, unloaded the food,and stepped inside the dilapidated storefront door. Immediately the wrought iron door was closed behind us. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Inside a dirty, dank, block and cement building 66 orphans were crammed, in age from a few weeks up to teens. These almond eyed children were so glad to see us, but our hearts were broken. Be sure to see the pics.

Madame Paul had such a love for orphans that she had taken them off the street to protect them. Most of the kids were malnourished. The 25 boxes of food was no doubt a life saver for several.  My heart was heavy as I stood in the midst of the most broken of humanity that were given some hope in the name of Christ.

One tiny baby looked the size of a newborn but was probably a few months old, her diminutive size due to malnutrition.

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