I’m restarting my blog

I’ve not blogged (or is it bloged) since my trip to Haiti last year. I’ve focused my writing on finishing the book which I did two weeks ago. I plan to be more consistent. I’m sitting on the swing in our back yard as I look at a wall of green, green grass and green leaves. As the wind blows through the leaves, and the temperature hovers below 70 (in August!), I’m beginning to feel that fall is just around the corner.

I just returned from five days in Georgia visiting my parents. Boy, was it hot, hot, hot. Add heat to humidity and it’s a killer, especially trying to run. But it was a good visit, complete with five visits to get Chick-fil-a ice cream.

I’m really wrestling with the direction of our country. The new hate crimes bill, if it passes, will put a chilling effect on what Christians can say about the biblical view of homosexuality. The House even voted down a provision that would exclude child molesters from having a special federal shield around them. Who would have ever thought that.

I just read Mark Levin’s book, Libery and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto. It’s a great book that shows the shocking, disastrous direction our government is taking under the current administration. A well documented book, it’s a must read if you are concerned with the direction our country is taking. 

I just started reading Catastrophe by Dick Morris. I couldn’t believe that the former right hand man to Bill Clinton has written such a book extremely critical of the current administration. I’d also recommend this one, but be ready to be shocked. As one reviewer wrote, if this stuff is half true it is scary.

Even though my world view framed by Judeo-Christian values is being assaulted at all levels today, I must rest in the fact that God is in control. It is not surprise to Him that things are happening as they are. Even so, I believe Christians should not sit idly by and watch things unravel. We should speak up, write our congressmen, write our thoughts on blogs, and even run for office. I’ve thought about doing that, but as a pastor, I’m in a tough position to even consider it.

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