Interactive Preaching with the iPad

preaching from an ipadI’ve posted a few blogs about my journey using the iPad to preach (see related posts below).

Thus far I’ve loved using it. I own the original iPad and I’m waiting to upgrade until next year’s version releases.

Here’s my current sermon prep and delivery process.

  1. Write sermons on a Word doc on my Airbook.
  2. Convert doc to a PDF.
  3. Drop PDF into Dropbox on my Mac.
  4. Open Dropbox on my iPad.
  5. Open the PDF in Noterize.
  6. Mark up my PDF.
  7. Enthrall millions with my eloquent preaching (oops, Freudian slip there…I meant preach to a few hundred) 🙂

Here’s a snapshot of what one page looked look from last week’s talk on spiritual gifts.

preaching with an ipad

This week I’m trying something new.

I’m using an app called AirSketch which allows me to actually create a virtual whiteboard. By linking my iPad to a computer in our sound booth through our local network, I can project each page of my PDF on our video screens without dragging around a cable. It works amazingly well (at least in practice).

I can then scroll through each page as I preach and use either my finger or my stylus to annotate and draw. MacWorld reviews 12 styluses [or is it styli] here.

Here’s a snapshot of the first page of this week’s sermon on  spiritual warfare. When it projects onscreen, you don’t see the stuff at the bottom however. The red shows where I’ve practiced annotating.

Next week I’ll blog on how things went.

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