Wednesday Morning

Love a Child is seen as a haven for needy Haitians. Last night a young boy came in with his pastor and mother for help. A few years ago he had fallen out of a tree, crushed his ribcage, and snapped his leg. Sherry (she and her husband Bobbie run the ministry) met him and later described to our group that his body was in terrible shape. For some reason the little boy feared telling his mother that he had fallen and for several days kept his injuries secret. I can only imagine the incredible. Sherry is trying to get a doctor

in the states to take the case.

This morning you may have read in the Sun-Times that food riots have occurred in some parts of the country. We are perfectly safe as we’re staying outside the city. But please pray for these starving people. Last year the country received over a half billion dollars from the UN but less than 15% was used to alleviate hunger.

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