Update on Tiffany’s brain surgery 11/24

I want to give you the latest update on Tiffany so u can pray.

Monday she had her staples removed from her head. Pretty non-eventful until Tuesday when fluid began to leak out of some of the staple holes. The neurosurgeon asked us to come in and ascertained that the incision was leaking spinal fluid. He then put 2 more staples into her head with no pain killer-yes, imagine a staple gun put on your head and getting 2 staples shot in-that’s it in a nutshell what he did.

We drove home and when we got home leakage began at two other places. The neurosurgeon told us to go to ER so off we went. They admitted her last nite (tues) and I got her settled in at ab 1 am. I stayed in a hotel nearby for a long nap. Today she had a 2-fold procedure: reopening the incision and resutchering it and putting a small tube in tiffany’s back to drain spinal fluid.

Here’s the issue. After so many surgeries, tissue does not heal as tightly, thus spinal/brain fluid can leak. They are hoping that within 3 days on this spinal shunt the newly tightened incision will have time to heal tightly. So, 3-5 more days in the hospital-tiff is in great pain tonight (we’d nite). sherryl and I will alternate soening the nite to help her.

If this does not work, another brain surgery to put a shunt in her brain.

Here’s how we need prayer: pray that her body’s healing properties will be strong enough for this incision tightening to “seal the crack in the dam.”



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