This morning we took a 20 mile trip up a dry river bed to a school in the village of Lastik. I’ve posted several pictures.

We sat in the back of a pickup truck for the entire hour and a half drive. I had the luxury of sitting on a large plastic bag full of stuffed bunnies for the kids (not real bunnies, of course). It was definitely cushy for the tush, but on the way back I didn’t have that luxury. All the way there and back it felt like riding over non-stop speed bumps.

When we arrived they had just finished cooking the Feed my Starving Children food for the kids. This school sits on a pie shaped precipice caused by the recent hurricane that washed out a large swath of land next to the school.

This school teaches 300 kids from first through the fifth grade.

I’m amazed at the effectiveness of the ministry of Love a Child. They are ministering to the mind through providing a good education for the kids, to the body by providing a daily nutritious meal, and to the spirit by teaching the kids about Jesus.

The kids show tremendous respect to adults. They are quiet when expected to be so, are patient when they have to wait for the only nutritious meal they get each day, and grateful for the education and food they are getting.

They love to get their picture taken. I was literally mobbed by about a dozen kids when I took their picture and then showed it to them on the camera screen. They all wear colorful uniforms and every girl sports yellow ribbons or beads in her hair. One of the boys had his language booklet in his hand and gave me short refresher course in french for a few minutes.

When we returned back to the compound we got to see the school on the grounds of Love a Child that provides education to 600 kids. They also have a tilapia fish farm.

Will check back tomorrow.

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