Top 10 Blog Posts for 2012

Here’s a list of my top 10 blog posts for 2012.

  1. Should Pasors Abstain from Driniking Alcohol
  2. What Snorkeling Taught me about Selecting Leaders
  3. Are you a Transformational or a Transactional Leader-take this test and ifnd out
  4. Are you a Brain Savvy Pastor or Still in Pre-School?
  1. Is This the Number 1 Reasons Leaders Fail?
  2. Is This the HIdden Factor that Hinders Change in Your Church?
  3. 5 Ways to Motivate Others You may Have Skipped.
  4. 360 Degree Assessments-an Invaluable Tool for Leadership Growth
  5. 6 Tips to Keeping a New Year’s Resolution
  6. Brain Based Preaching: New Age Voodoo or the Missing Link?

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