A great devotional journaling app for busy pastors

spiritual growthI’m a busy pastor. Even though I never can complete my to-do list, I must never let this one to-do slip, my walk with Jesus. Technology supports my spiritual disciplines as  I use my Mac, iPad, and iPhone in tandem. I just purchased a great app that helps me journal more consistently.

Journaling, a classic spiritual discipline, keeps me spiritually sharp in these ways.

  •  I can record what God is doing in my life.
  • I can cut and past key scriptures from my bible app, Olivetree.
  • I can process my frustrations and get them off my mind.
  • I can look back over the past to see good or bad trends in my life.
  • I am leaving a record of my life should my kids and their kids and their kids’s kids want to read about me when I’m gone.

The new app I use is DayOne. I’ve used several journaling apps before and this one tops the list for these reasons.

  • It’s available on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone and it syncs via DropBox (or iCloud).
  • Because it’s on all three, I can add to that day’s journal at any time (I’m never without either my iPhone or iPad).
  • It’s simple and intuitive.
  • It provides a calendar so I can see what days I journaled (and the days I skipped).
  • It allows me star an entry that I want to stand out.

Check out the tool and see if it helps you.

Also, do you recommend any apps that have helped your walk with Christ?


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