7 Key Leadership Learnings from Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit

Last week I attended Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit at a local video venue. As usual, the speaker line-up was superb.

I used my iPad to capture my learnings and these these seven stood out.

  1. We can hear the whispers from God when we lower the ambient noise in our lives. Bill Hybels, The Power of the Whisper
  2. In leadership conversations, what is your question to statement’s ratio? We should be asking more questions. We spend too much time being interesting than being interested. Jim Collins, How the Mighty Fall
  3. No one has to be forced to do what they are passionate about. Christine Caine
  4. Don’t let the devil ride because he is going to want to drive. Adam Hamilton
  5. Complaints arrive as unappointed guests. They resist eviction. Trust evicts complaints. Jeff Manion, When Christians get it Wrong
  6. The carrot and stick approach to motivation works for simple tasks but not for tasks that require creativity. Daniel Pink, author of Drive.
  7. We spend too much time trying to change the bottom (meaning that we focus too much on trying to change non-performers). Jack Welch, author of Winning.

Jim Collins told us that he had lots of free stuff on his web site. He was right. Check it out and you’ll find some great free stuff for leaders.

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