5 Really Bad Ways Pastors React when People Compare Them to more Successful Churches

This week I’m posting a series of blogs about how pastors respond when people in their church compare their leadership and preaching to others or when they brag about another church by insinuating that we don’t measure upreact, reactions, emotionality

Yesterday I posted 5 ways we should respond when we feel compared to others more ‘successful’ than us.

Today, we’re looking at really bad ways to react when someone in your church compares you to others. I’ve listed five unhealthy reactions here.

  1. Find something about the other ‘guy’ to criticize, like, “We’ll, I’ve heard he’s a real jerk when he’s one-on-one with other people.”
  2. Tell the other person that maybe they need to start attending that church.
  3. With a sarcastic tone tell that person, “Thanks, I really needed that!”
  4. In your mind, beat yourself up about what a failure you are.
  5. Go home and overeat, take your anger out on your spouse and kids, or look at pornography.

How have you or your friends reacted when felt compared to those in ministry more ‘successful?’

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