10 Ways Pastors Stifle Church Change

changeEinstein was right.

If we want our churches to make the greatest kingdom impact, we must help facilitate change or else we become “insane” leaders. However, we often don’t manage change wisely.

I’ve listed 10 blunders pastors can make that stifle church change.

  1. Force the change no matter who resists.
  2. Marginalize those who resist change.
  3. Don’t tolerate anything less than 100% success.
  4. Blame others when the change doesn’t go well.
  5. Bring about change as fast as you can before the people realize what just happened.
  6. Don’t listen to others who disagree.
  7. Assume that silence in others means they are on board with you.
  8. Don’t listen to your spouse.
  9. Don’t admit ANY fear.
  10. What would you add as a tenth?

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