Has Ministry Stress made you a Zombie Pastor? Take the Zombie Zone Quiz to Find Out

Zombies are big today. Big budget movies, popular TV shows,  commercials, and even zombie action figures have invaded our culture. Even before they became popular, when someone said, ‘I feel like a zombie,” we knew what they meant… they felt exhausted, lifeless, listless, and were simply going through the motions. How do you know if ministry stress has made you a zombie pastor? In this post you can find out.

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As a pastor for over 35 years, at times I’ve felt like a zombie pastor. Ministry stress, disappointments, and pressure sometimes seemed to sap my soul of life, energy, and joy.

So how do you know if you are a zombie pastor? Take the Pastor Zombie Zone Quiz. (Tweet this quote here)
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Here’s what your scores mean.

  • 0-20%: you probably just need a few days of rest.
  • 30-50%: your leadership is probably being hindered.
  • 50%+: you are ready to try out for the TV show, The Walking Dead

If you scored 30% or higher on this quiz, it’s probably time to take an inventory of your priorities, time and stress management, and body care. In my next post I suggest ways to get out of the zombie zone.

What has helped you get out of the zombie zone?

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