When Things Speed up, Leaders Should Slow Down (from Church Leaders Intelligence Report)

I recommend Church Leaders Intelligence Report. It’s a great distillation of current news and leadership tips. It’s free. Outreach publishes it and here’s the link where you can get it.


Here’s a sample of what you get (from the Nov. 3 edition)

When Things Speed Up, Leaders Should Slow Down

InfoLeadership development consultant Brad Lomenick suggests that when facing times of great intensity and pressure, leaders should:

  1. Always over-communicate.
  2. Be methodical and calm, not intense and short.
  3. List out priorities, so as to not be overwhelmed by the small things that seem to be incredibly urgent, but really aren’t.
  4. Seek out quiet moments for prayer, reflection and thinking. During times of pressure, that is when we need those quiet moments the most.
  5. Resist the urge to let things slide or just settle for something average because of the pressure to get it done. Keep your standards and levels of excellence at their highest—don’t compromise.

Brad Lomenick, On the Journey

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