When Faith calls out from a Pediatric ICU

The frigid temperature caused me to catch my breath and I squinted as my pupils adjusted to the intense lighting.   After hearing the respirator’s rhythmic sound, I glanced into the room to my right. I felt the sadness of two red-eyed parents as they gingerly held their child’s hand.  My heavy heart became heavier still as I entered the rarified world of a pediatric intensive care unit.

The surgeon had just completed my youngest daughter’s third brain surgery.  A few weeks prior, Tiffany had memorized a Scripture that she claimed for this surgery.  As a result, my wife and I soon received an unforgettable lesson in faith.

As we approached the curtained cubicle to our left we found Tiffany bundled under several white hospital blankets.  As I viewed the clear plastic tubes protruding from her head, nose and arms, my eyes filled with tears.  As she awakened our eyes locked.  Then in a pained, raspy voice she whispered these words: Fear not, for I am with Thee, the theme verse she had chosen from Isaiah 43:5 (KJV).

Those spontaneous words of simple faith from a five year old indelibly etched themselves into my heart.  My faith has never been the same since.

This incident occurred over 15 years ago. Tiffany has undergone another brain surgery since then as well as several other surgeries. She lives today and is a testimony to God’s grace.

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