What my Schnauzer Taught Me about God

I heard a muffled whimper come from the small cardboard box.  When I opened it and carefully cradled the tiny ball of fur, his stubby tail wagged and he licked my nose leaving the unmistakable “puppy breath” smell.

We named him Watson and he became the newest addition to our miniature schnauzer family.  Though he lacked common sense, he made up for it in faithfulness.  When we would leave home, he would perch on the oversized yellow pillow that layed on top of our living room couch.  He picked this spot because it gave him a perfect “watch dog” viewing area through our bay window overlooking the driveway.

When I would come home from work, he’d always give me his “welcome home” bark and would joyfully bounce up and down as I walked in.  When he slept upstairs, as soon as he heard the front door squeak as it opened, he would scamper down to greet me.  He never failed to welcome me with unconditional love.

The Bible sometimes uses animal traits to describe God’s attributes.  A lion portrays God’s strength.   A bird covering her chicks with her wing conveys His tenderness.  Watson, in a small way, pictured the joy God feels toward us.  God patiently waits for us to give Him our attention.  He relishes our time with Him.  He enthusiastically greets us when we come into His presence.

Although Watson is not longer with us (old age finally took his life), memories of him remind me of God’s unconditional love.

With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself. Jeremiah 31:3b (NLT)

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