Nicaragua blog 1-The Insomniac Rooster

I learned an odd thing about Nicaragua today. Insomniac roosters live here. At about 3 am this morning a rooster decided to flex his vocal chords, repeatedly for 4 straight hours. He is continuing his display even as I write this blog.

Fried pollo (chicken in Spanish) will be quite tasty for lunch. I recruited the security guard to help. He carries a quick load shot gun. Looking for a quieter night tonight. 🙂

On the serious side: This morning we will attend an English speaking church and tonight we will show the kid’s version of the Jesus film (dubbed in Spanish). We will do a free raffle and give away some soccer balls as well as a gospel bracelet to each child. I’m praying that many kids will clearly understand the gospel and respond.

Tomorrow we begin the first of three 1-day pastors and wives conferences. We expect around 200 for the first. Then, tomorrow night we will show the adult version of the Jesus film.

A final thought: it’s amazing how the soul feels cleansed without the incessant bombardment of man-made sounds. If you have a chance to be someplace without man-made sound, please do it. You’ll be refreshed at your experience.

PS-as I finished this blog, unbeknownst to me, this rooster had made his way to the entrance of the church building where I was writing and scared the bejeebers out of me when he crowed, 3 feet away from me! I am not making this up. I feel like I’m being stalked.

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