My Review of the student devotional: Crash Course by Daniel Darling

Although my kids are well beyond the teen years, I wish I could have given them this devotional when they were kids.

Daniel Darling, a friend of mind, provided me a complementary copy of his new book called, Crash Course, forming a faith foundation for life.

Although written for the teen in mind, I was encouraged and learned a lot through the short two page devotionals. Each devotional includes a short story or insight on a particular subject. Daniel then includes a ‘Bottom Line’ statement that encapsulates the major theme. His ‘Own It’ suggestion includes a small, but doable project from reading a passage to watching a movie that reinforces the theme. He also adds a simple prayer and a verse of the day.

In 100 days, the reader will understand what it means to be a follower of Christ in these five areas.

  • Doctrine-knowing what you believe and why
  • Decisions-how to make good choices
  • Direction-what should I do with my life?
  • Devotion-Staying true in a world of lies
  • Delight-finding joy in a hard world

I highly encourage parents and student leaders to get a box of these books and get them in the hands of teens.

Daniel also wrote Teen People of the Bible.

PS-his website is one of the coolest, cleanest I’ve ever seen.

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