Are We Trying to OutTweet Others?

I’m new to Twitter but really enjoy it. In 140 characters or less I can say something I hope is meaningful, funny, or encouraging. I’ve also  linked Twitter  to my Facebook so that my tweets appear there as well. It’s always cool to see feedback from a tweet.

I follow several church leaders and writers and I’ve noticed what seems to be a pattern.

Often tweets appear to tout an ‘unforgetable’ service, ‘incredible’ worship, a ‘fantastic’ leadership meeting, or a ‘great’ book someone is writing or has written. I confess that when I see these posts I’m tempted to tweet about something that would make me or my church look good as well. I think I did it twice this week.

What do you think?

Do we sometimes use Twitter to bolster our egos or am I overstating this? Is ‘OutTweeting’ real or simply a mirage?

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