5 Non-negotiable Decisions every Leader MUST Make

5 decisions every pastoral leader must makeThe concept of ‘adaptive leadership’ is a new one I learned a few years ago. It’s been incredibly helpful in developing my leadership.  The Practice of Adaptive Leadership by Heifets-Linsky-Grashow unpacks the concept well. An article by Susan DeGenring on the subject lists 5 decisions great leaders must make. I’ve summarized them below. You can read the full article here.

5 non-negotiable decisions every leader must make:

  1. Shift focus and reframe your job from that of problem-solver, to that of developer of problem solvers.
  2. Give the work back to the people.
  3. Ask the important, and sometimes, tough questions, and don’t give all the answers.
  4. Know how to help people learn, not by telling, but by understanding the perceptions, beliefs and values that drive their action, and help them plug into alternative, more agile ways of thinking.
  5. Accept that heartache is inevitable and courage is essential when you lead.

What insights about adaptive leadership have enhanced your leadership effectiveness?

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