4:55 AM

We arrived at the airport and after passing through security, we entered an empty terminal. I noticed that the only two people there were an older couple draped in small red blankets. Obviously they had slept in the terminal that night. (They probably got more sleep than I did in the hotel!)

A thought popped into my mind. Were they missionaries on their way back to Haiti. The local Feed My Starving Children taffer who’s leading the trip had told me that the flights from Miami to Haiti were usually quite full, mostly with missionaries on their way back.

A few minutes later I sleep walked 🙂 into one of the restaurants to get some breakfast. I happened to stand right behind this couple as they ordered. She ordered a bagel, the least expensive item on the menu, and he ordered a croissant with ham but he specified no cheese, a 30 cent savings.

At that moment I felt a slight nudge to buy their breakfast, but didn’t follow through. After I paid and as I walked out of the restaurant, I noticed them sitting in a booth. He reached for her hand and as they held hands they prayed before eating their small breakfast. I smiled. Even as I write this, tears well up in my eyes as I reflect over this tender act.

After I bought my scrambled eggs/ham/toast combo and walked back to the terminal I realized I needed a bottle of water. I turned around and as I approached the restaurant, the Spirit again nudged me to pay for their breakfast, after the fact.

I pulled out $10 from my passport pouch, walked over the booth where they sat, and said, “You don’t know me, but while you stood in line I felt impressed to pay for your breakfast.” As I placed the ten dollar bill I said, “Consider this payment for your breakfast.”

They thanked me, I walked away, and said to myself, “That just seems so right.”

God used that simple encounter to remind me how important it is to obey his quiet promptings.

Back later. We are about to board.

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