3 Things That Pastors And Church Leaders Can Do That Will Always Work

Brian Doddis one of my favorite bloggers. He has a real knack to pick up on what’s currently happening in the world and extract really cool leadership insights. He’s one of those guys I believe church leader should follow and read regularly. He is a Generosity Architect and leadership consultant for INJOY Stewardship Solutionsand he’sinvested in many of the country’s top church leaders.

It’s an honor to have him as a guest blogger today. I picked one of my favorite posts he’s written. Not only is this a great post, but all the other blogs listed are gems as well. So, enjoy.

Isn’t great when you are wonderfully surprised?There are times we as leaders accidentally stumble into things that work very, very well. This past month providesan example of this that I think has lessons for all of us as leaders.

On Friday,April 6th I postedan articleThe Top 10 Leadership Blog Posts I Read On The Internet This Past Week. You see, many times I do not post on Fridays. I usually like tohave a complete mental shut downat the end of the weekand enjoy the evening with my family.

But on Friday the 6th I put together a quick, easy list of my Top 10 Favorite Leadership Posts of that week. I did not think much of it but you,thereaders, LOVED it!So I did it for the next four weeks and as you can see from the list below,three of them made the month’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts of April, 2012.

Thistaught me that there are 3 things that leaders, specifically pastors and church leaders, can do that will always work and have positive impact on those that they serve.

  • Provide Leaders With Quality Resources– Great leaders prioritize lifting the lids of others. One of the ways to do this is by providing quality content that adds value to their lives and expands their influence.
  • Be Generous With Information– Insecure leaders often wish to be the primary source of information for those they on their teams. Always be proactive in sharing intellectual capital, specifically information obtained from others. Give others credit and do not hoard it. Great leaders have an abundance mindset rather than one of scarcity. Generosity is the new capital.
  • Promote OtherLeaders And Tell Their Stories– I have learned that there is a community of leaders in the church world. We all have each other’s backs. We pray for one another. We root for one another. We hurt when other Christian leaders hurt. We promoteone other. And it is a privilege to tell the incredible stories of what God is doing at their churches.

Leaders, how are you doing in these 3 areas? Now, as a bonus for you, the following isthe full list of the Top 10 Most Popular Posts Of April, 2012 as determined by you.

  1. 12 Quotes From Masters Champion Bubba Watson On Faith And Leadership
  2. 9 Reasons Why Passion City Church, Louie Giglio, And Chris Tomlin Are A Contagious Epidemic
  3. The Most Frustrating Thing A Leader Can Do
  4. 45 Of The Best Leadership Quotes And Insights You Will Ever Read
  5. The Top 10 Leadership Blog Posts I Read The Week Of April 9th
  6. The Top 10 Leadership Blog Posts I Read On The Internet This Past Week
  7. 14 Habits Of Highly Successful Motivational Leaders
  8. The 10 Best Leadership Blogs I Read The Week Of April 16th
  9. 3 Steps Needed To Rally People And 5 Other Things All Leaders Must Know
  10. 11 Lessons From Facebook That Pastors And Church Leaders Can Learn About Designing Better Services And Ministry

In addition, the following are a few hidden gems that were some of my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy them the 2nd time around.

Finally, I want to thank each of you who visit this site each month. I never take it for granted that you give up valuable time to read these posts and I trust they add value to you as leaders. See you in May!

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