Which Church Jobs and Ministry Opportunities Best Fit Your Personality?

In this post I’ve asked Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck to share their amazing expertise in ministry and non-profit job placement. They run these two excellent sites that help place pastors and other job seekers into churches and ministries, ChristianCareerCenter.com and ChurchJobsOnline.com. If you are seeking ministry placement, check these sites out. You will also be encouraged with this post about how to match your personality with a potential ministry job or volunteer role.

If you are a Christian, then you are called to use your gifts at church in a volunteer role or perhaps professionally. Choosing the roles that best fit your personality and interests can lead to serving God and the church more effectively. Your job satisfaction will also increase as you serve people out of your strengths. 

John Holland created a theory that can help you to have more job and ministry success and satisfaction. Holland identified six personality themes: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. He observed that any given person has two or three of these themes that are of much higher interest. He also observed that any given job or ministry opportunity fits two or three of these personality themes. The Holland theory is the most widely researched and used theory for vocational fit.

Understanding the Holland theory and an accurate Holland assessment like the CareerFitTest.com, will help you identify church jobs and volunteer opportunities that fit who you are, are satisfying and put you on track for being a wise steward of your personality, skills and interests.   

Here are the six personality and interest themes.  Try to identify your primary theme as well as your secondary and third theme:


Realistic personalities like to work with their hands. They can enjoy working with plants or animals; activities involving the precise, ordered use of objects, tools and machines; and/or activities involving some element of physical risk. Outdoor work is often desirable.

Problem Solving: They like to solve problems that have practical solutions, are concrete and not abstract. 

Church Job Titles and Volunteer Titles:Custodian, Janitor, Facilities Manager, Property Manager, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, Housekeeping Director, Housekeeping Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor, Multi-Media Setup and Operations Technician, Landscaper, Free Car Repair Ministry, Bus Driver, Work Day Facilitator

Keyword: Doer


Investigative personalities like to analyze, discover and understand information and the world around them. They like activities that involve the exploration and examination of physical, biological and cultural things to understand and control them; this often includes scientific and mathematical activities. 

Problem Solving: They like to solve problems by analyzing, inquiring and researching.

Church Job Titles and Volunteer Titles:Information Technician, Technical Specialist, Media Engineer, Healthcare Educator, Webmaster, Database Administrator, Strategic Planner, Data Analyst 

Keyword: Thinker 


Artistic occupational personality types are the most creative of all the types and tend to focus on self-expression through various forms/mediums: images, materials, music, words, movement, as well as systems and programs. They can see possibilities in various settings and are not afraid to experiment with their ideas. They like variety and tend to feel cramped in structured situations.

Problem Solving: They like to solve problems independently using their intuition and creativity.

Church Job Titles and Volunteer Titles:Worship Pastor, Pastor of Instrumental Worship, Instrumental Worship Assistant, Pianist, Creative Consultant, Photographer, Devotion Writer, Communication Director, Staff Writer, Video Editor, Graphic Designer

Keyword: Creative


The Social occupational personality type is concerned with people and their welfare. Social types make friends easily and tend to have well-developed communications skills. They enjoy working with groups or individuals, using empathy and an ability to identify and solve problems, and tend to be high achievers and good leaders.

Problem Solving: They like to approach and deal with problems through understanding feelings and the use of empathy. They also tend to like a flexible approach to solving problems.

Church Job Titles and Volunteer Titles:Senior Pastor, Pastor of Congregational Care/Senior Adults, Pastor of Students, Pastor to Single Adults, Youth Pastor, Healthcare Educator, Lay Counselor, Licensed Counselor, Youth Mentor, Missions Coordinator, Sunday School Teacher, Vacation Bible Teacher, Adult Education Teacher, Nursing Ministry 

Keyword: Helper


Enterprising personalities enjoy persuading or influencing others usually in a business context. They may also have entrepreneurial and political interest. They enjoy working directly with people one-on-one or in groups. Their emphasis in working with people is to persuade them on ideas, products or services and/or leading or managing people. They are goal-oriented in producing results. They tend to have a high level of energy, are goal-oriented and focus on producing results.

Problem Solving: They like to solve problems with leadership, delegation and decision-making skills.

Church Job Titles and Volunteer Titles:Director of Preschool, Director of Child Development Center, Director of Children’s Ministries, Director of Elementary Children, Director of Childcare and Administrative Assistant to Minister of Children, Director of Women’s Ministry, Director of Outreach, Guest Relations Pastor

Keyword: Persuader


Conventional personalities enjoy activities that involve precise, ordered use of data: keeping records, calculating, managing an office, organizing numerical and written data, and working with finances. They often are focused on completing tasks that have been initiated by others. They are responsible, dependable, follow the rules and function best when they know what is expected of them.

Problem Solving: They prefer to solve problems that are of a practical nature and are resolved by using a prescribed set of rules and procedures.

Church Job Titles and Volunteer Titles:Administrative Assistant to: Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor of Ministries, Pastor of Students, Pastor of Congregational Care, Singles Pastor, Worship Ministry, Preschool Ministry, Director of Communications

Also, Accountant, Receptionist, Security Officer 

Keyword: Organizer


Working in a church setting (whether paid or volunteer) that uses your personality and interests will results in greater satisfaction and joy as you help build up the church and bring God glory.

If you would like to take an accurate Holland assessment that is based on your top transferable, personal and content skills we encourage you to complete the CareerFitTest.com. This assessment will also help you to explore the right options, make better decisions, conduct a successful job search and more.

If you are interested in career counseling and professional career testing to help you discover the work God has called you to do, you are invited to explore our career counseling services and schedule a career services consultation.

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