My Team Feels Stuck

“Very practical….Immediate take-aways…Honest and real…Spoke with energy and passion”Responses from pastors at a recent conference where Charles spoke

“Charles is a creative presenter, strategic thinker, and passionate ministry partner. Charles has a gift for communicating truth by drawing the listener into the story, laying out the possibilities and encouraging action as an end result.”Ken Johanson, Assoc pastor

“The ministry of Charles and Sheryl Stone was deeply insightful and refreshing. Together they delicately addressed so many of the issues inherent in today’s pastoral homes. Charles’ explanation of the neurological and psychological triggers that account for the actions and reactions of those in pastoral ministry was also extremely helpful and informative.” Attendee at a recent pastor’s training conference

What is ‘Stuckness’?

A team that grows together and stays unified can best grow the church and reach those outside the church. Unfortunately, sometimes teams get stuck in these ways.

  • Personalities clash.
  • Relationships fray.
  • Silos develop.
  • Feelings get hurt.
  • Misunderstanding muddles ministry.
  • Misalignment slows growth.

Someone with fresh eyes can help leaders identify improvement areas to unify the team and build cohesiveness. Through an on-site visit I can help a pastor analyze his unique situation and navigate a way forward. Occasionally I also do webinar distance training.

How We Help

During a on-site visits I can train your staff in one or more of these areas.

  • Leading from Your Strengths (using the Strengths Finder Inventory)
  • 5 Ministry Killers and How to Defeat Them (based on my book)
  • Maximizing Your Mind for Ministry (apply neuroleadership principles to leadership) —see video below
  • Resolving Conflict with Others
  • Implementing the P.A.U.S.E.D. Process to Improve Leadership
    • Probe your Past
    • Anchor your Values
    • Uncover your Ruts
    • Search for Triangles
    • Engage your Dissidents
    • Defuse Defensiveness

Contact me today to start a conversation about how we can help.