Do you review other people’s books?

Sometimes. Email me a synopsis of the book and one chapter and I’ll take a look.

I’d like to write a book. How do you recommend I start?

Attend some writers’ conferences, start a blog, begin with articles, get the Christian Writer’s Market Guide.

What’s it like doing what you do?

I felt a definite call into ministry 35 years ago and enjoy serving full time by helping pastors and churches get unstuck. Sometimes it gets weary and frustrating. But I fall back on my clear call and God encourages me.

What’s the toughest experience you’ve faced in life?

Battling my youngest daughter’s brain tumor and surviving five years of my oldest daughter’s rebellion during her teen years. Both are doing quite well now.

How long have you been married?

35 years to the most wonderful wife in the world. We’ve had three kids who are all in their adult years and love the Lord.

What do you do to relax?

I exercise regularly, enjoy going to movies with my wife, and will veg in front of the TV for a program or two to turn off my brain.