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NeuroMinistry intersects Biblical truth with brain insight, giving leaders solutions that help them thrive in life and leadership.


“Charles Stone is a gifted ministry leader who is making an impact in the local church and beyond. His ability to integrate teaching on theology, leadership, and the brain provides a powerful and unique perspective on Christian life and ministry.”

Tim Strickland,
Leadership Development Director
FEB Central Ministries

I Speak.

It’s important to know that a guest speaker can communicate biblical truth while at the same time intersect that truth with real life.  I’m passionate about both.  Whether your need is for a Sunday service, staff meeting, men’s retreat, marriage retreat (with my wife, Sherryl), or a leadership event, I’d love to explore the possibilities.

I Coach.

Pastors and church leaders face unique personal and ministry challenges. As a coach I come alongside a leader to encourage, facilitate self-discovery, and foster emotional, spiritual, and professional growth. I hold an Associate Certified Coach credential with the International Coach Federation and focus my coaching on pastors.

I Consult.

Church leaders need fresh perspective to deal with an ever-changing ministry landscape. I leverage my almost 40 years of pastoral experience and learnings from my six books and the hundreds of articles featured on leading leadership sites to help churches, church boards, and leadership teams maximize ministry effectiveness.

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Church Staff

The Well Placed Question – an Often Overlooked Leadership Tool

As a pastor and a leader I guide the process to help our church set and accomplish goals, move us forward into a preferred future, and make progress. And it seems like I do a lot of telling. I wonder if we leaders sometimes miss how a well placed question can enhance our leadership. Consider these thoughts about leadership and asking

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Life Balance

Do Pastors have Blind Spots?

Bill Hull, one of the most prolific writers on discipleship, shared a profound insight that stirred my heart. “At age 50 I found myself successful but unsatisfied. I was hooked on results, addicted to recognition, and a product of my times. I was a get-it-done leader who was ready to lead people into the rarified

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Spiritual Leadership: Are you a Lion, a Lamb, or some of Both?

I love Henry Nouwen’s writings. When you read his books you realize this man walked with God and oozed wisdom. I ran across this quote that caused me to think about the qualities of my spiritual leadership. He incisively uses the metaphor of a lion and a lamb. Read this quote thoughtfully and ask yourself about

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