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NeuroMinistry intersects Biblical truth with brain insight, giving leaders solutions that help them thrive in life and leadership.


“Charles Stone is a gifted ministry leader who is making an impact in the local church and beyond. His ability to integrate teaching on theology, leadership, and the brain provides a powerful and unique perspective on Christian life and ministry.”

Tim Strickland,
Leadership Development Director
FEB Central Ministries

I Speak.

It’s important to know that a guest speaker can communicate biblical truth while at the same time intersect that truth with real life.  I’m passionate about both.  Whether your need is for a Sunday service, staff meeting, men’s retreat, marriage retreat (with my wife, Sherryl), or a leadership event, I’d love to explore the possibilities.

I Coach.

Pastors and church leaders face unique personal and ministry challenges. As a coach I come alongside a leader to encourage, facilitate self-discovery, and foster emotional, spiritual, and professional growth. I hold an Associate Certified Coach credential with the International Coach Federation and focus my coaching on pastors.

I Consult.

Church leaders need fresh perspective to deal with an ever-changing ministry landscape. I leverage my almost 40 years of pastoral experience and learnings from my six books and the hundreds of articles featured on leading leadership sites to help churches, church boards, and leadership teams maximize ministry effectiveness.

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Getting a new church job can be scary. And pastors often overlook pitfalls in those new jobs. In this post, adapted from my newest book on on-boarding for pastors, I list 7 pitfalls pastors must avoid in a new church job. A quaint story circulated among Methodists describes a young pastor fresh out of seminary

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Which Church Jobs and Ministry Opportunities Best Fit Your Personality?

In this post I’ve asked Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck to share their amazing expertise in ministry and non-profit job placement. They run these two excellent sites that help place pastors and other job seekers into churches and ministries, and If you are seeking ministry placement, check these sites out. You will also be encouraged with

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Church Growth

The 3 Kinds of People in Every Church

In Judson Edward’s book, The Leadership Labyrinth, he describes 21 paradoxes in ministry. He defines the ‘relationship paradox’ in this way: the people who like you the most will be the ones you try least to please. He then writes that these three kinds of people fill every church. His insights are quite helpful. The energizers: their very

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