My Church Feels Stuck

“Charles has particular strengths in the area of vision casting, planning, and execution. I can think of no other person with whom I have worked in ministry (over 20 years) whose commitment to doing things with excellence is stronger than Charles.” —Chad Miller, insurance executive, elder

“Charles was the speaker at our annual Gift Day For pastors and did a superb job of both presenting his material and giving us much to take away. … I heartily endorse Charles as a godly, tested, experienced pastor in the role of pastoral coach, speaker, and consultant.” —Dr. Dick Germaine, Director and Founder, Barnabas Ministries 

Is Your Church Stuck

Someone once said, if you don’t know where you’re aiming, you’ll never hit the target. The best organizations have a clear, shared, and compelling vision of their future. This vision grows out of their unique identity and drives their decision-making. However, many churches struggle with keeping vision clear. Sometimes a church can get stuck.

Is your church stuck or do you believe your church not only has a laser-focused vision but is also passionate about fulfilling that vision? Take this quick inventory to find out.

How We Help

The vision clarity process through which StoneWell takes a church is a customizable and comprehensive 6-9 month process called N.A.P., short for Neuroleadership Agility Process. It includes monthly day and a half on-site visits and tele-coaching sessions with the senior pastor/key leadership. It is the core of what StoneWell offers and integrates neuroleadership insights, biblical leadership principles, and the state-of-the art vision discovery process (Church Unique) delivered in these three ways.

  • Leadership Training (staff and key lay leaders)
  • Executive Coaching (for the senior pastor and wife/staff wives if desired)
  • Church Consulting (for the vision dream team)

When a church enters into N.A.P., it will receive these deliverables.

  • A compelling vision, biblical values, and workable strategy for your church
  • Tools and training to help your staff lead with agility
  • A personalized growth plan for the senior pastor

For more information on ‘stuckness’ view this helpful video. To learn more about StoneWell Ministries, visit our About page.

If your church needs fresh eyes to help craft a compelling vision and build leadership, contact Charles today.